Prefect Induction Prayer

Prefect induction is a time honored tradition in schools. A prayer is a great addition to the ceremony. Here’s a prayer written by Devanthree Pillay that you can use in your school.

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your presence, at our Prefect Induction Ceremony.

Thank you for your blessings upon the prefects, who form an integral part of the school discipline. Please stir up passion and enthusiasm for this assignment. Bless them with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Help them to sow good seed in every person possible around them. May they be role-models to all the learners in the school, providing solutions to problems that our children experience.

May the prefects continue to be self-disciplines, and responsible in school work, and all school activities. That they would continue to display respect to the school community and loyalty to the school.

We pray that this duty will be a season of preparation for leadership in their adulthood.

Thank you for a successful year.