First Birthday Prayer

This prayer was written for a child’s first birthday celebration. With the following minor adjustments, it will make a great addition to your event:

  • Change the blank spaces to the child’s name.
  • Change him / his to her and he to she, where applicable.

It’s written to give thanks for the child, declare positive affirmations and should be used at the beginning of the party when opening in prayer.

Heavenly Father

We come to you this day of celebration with thanksgiving in our hearts. Thank you for every person who has come to celebrate the wonderful gift that you have given to us. Children are truly a gift from God and we are blessed to have _______ in our lives. Thank you Lord for your hands of protection upon _______ thus far.

Father, we thank you for the purpose and potential that you have placed in _______ to bless the earth.

Guide all his thoughts and actions. Make him of quick understanding. Continue to protect him, we thank you for good health and we pray that as he grows all that he sets his hands upon, you shall make him successful.

Bless all the proceedings for today. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable first birthday.

In Jesus Name.


We hope that this prayer will be a blessing to your child’s first birthday party and look forward to your feedback.