Prayer for overcoming temptation

We all struggle with temptation from time to time. Whether it’s temptation over food or major sin, we can all relate to how destructive it is. In this prayer, we stand on God’s word to overcome temptation and live a life of victory.

To be victorious over temptation, release your faith by saying:

“Father  in  Jesus  name,  I  believe  (Mark  9:23,  Mark  11:24)  that  I  would  not yield  to  temptation  because  whosoever  commits  sin  is  the  servant  of sin  (John  8:34).  I  therefore  choose  to:

Make  Jesus  the  source  of  my  strength  and  help  in  temptation.  (Hebrews  2:18)
Watch and pray.  (Matthew 26:41)
Be spiritually  minded and enjoy  life  and peace.  (Romans 8:6-7)
Think soberly.  (Romans 12:3,  1  Peter  1:13)
Think  on  whatsoever  things  are  true,  honest,  just,  pure,  lovely, of  a  good report, virtuous and praiseworthy.  (Philippians  4:8)

I  believe  that  I  would:
Not be  vain in my  imaginations.  (Romans 1:21)
Not  conform  to  this  world  but  be  transformed  by  the  renewing of  my  mind.  (Romans 12:2)

Father  in Jesus name,  I  believe  that:
The  weapons  of  our  warfare  are  not  carnal,  but  mighty  through God  to  the  pulling  down  of  strongholds,  I  therefore  cast  down imaginations  and  every  high  thing  that  exalts  itself  against  the knowledge  of  God  and  bring  into  captivity  every  thought  to  the obedience  of  Christ,  believing  that  my  thoughts  would  be pleasing to You.  (2 Corinthians 10:4-5, Proverbs 15:26)”


We hope that this prayer will help you in your fight against sin.

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